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That's a Wrap on 2023

By dougt, 07/18/23, 3:45PM PDT


Now that the season is in the rearview and I've had a chance to catch up on some much needed rest I'd like to take an opportunity to congratulate all the winners from the season that was, and also thank everyone for a great year and especially my executive team that helps keep this train rolling year after year.


A Division - The Bus Drivers

B Division - JFK Surfaces

C Division - The Otters

D Division - Bad Decisions

E Division - Stoodis Eh!


     WINNERS                       RUNNER-UP

A Div: Inglorious Batters                 Bus Drivers

B Div: JFK Surfaces                      The Pitbulls

C Div: The Otters                       The Slackers

D Div: Loaded Bases                    Whiskey Richard's Raging Homers

E Div: Stoodis Eh!                      The Misfits

F Div: Sparkes Old Ball Shuckers           Near Misses

MOST SPORTSMANLIKE - Well done, and thank you for being great competitors:

A/B Div Team:     The Pitbulls

C/D/E Div Team:   The MisSorts

A Div Player:     Jason Bowman, Bat Intentions

B Div Player:     Paul Tulloch, JFK Surfaces

C Div Player:     Delmar Slack, The Otters

D Div Player:     Gerry Hatter, Bad Decisions

E Div Player:      Sherilee Mann, The Misfits

A big thank you to Barb and her crew of umpires, and The Legends for running beer gardens again this year,

Thank you to Tami Robertson for all the work she does for the executive and especially running the tournament boards for both tournaments. It can hectic trying to chase down scores, getting scoresheets with no team names on them and then tracking all the results with everyone standing over your shoulder waiting to see how they flush out. 

Thank you Brett Rancourt for keeping our financial position strong and always making yourself available to get me cheques when needed or run around and pay the bills as we go.

Paul, thank you for always being my sounding board for issues and ideas. 

Al, we've worked together for many, many years, and it will be nice to walk off into the sunset in tandem at the end of next season. 

That's right, for those who weren't there at the end of Sunday; next season (2024) will be mine and Al's last years on the executive for Jolly Miller Slo-Pitch. After 20 something years on the executive and having served the last 8 as president I am hanging it up. Like Forrest Gump said after running back and forth across the USA a couple of times "I'm kinda tired now, I think I'll go home"

That being said, Paul and Tami are eyeing an exit at the end of 2025 so we are going to need some new blood to step up and carry things on. When I took over as President we were just over 30 teams, next year I hope to have us back to 48 (not enough fields to go any bigger) and I'd like to ideally have my replacement in place to mentor under me for next season. If you know anyone wanting to get involved and bring fresh new ideas to the table please have them send an email to the league email address so we can talk about what the role(s) entail. We already have one person that will be joining us next year to become a board member, and I'd like to welcome Claire Walker from The BallBreakers to the team. 


Thank you and have a great off season. 

Doug Thompson