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2023 WSPL - Year-End Tournament Sunday Brackets

By smoore 07/29/2023, 8:30pm PDT

2023 WSPL - Year-End Tournament

By smoore 07/28/2023, 3:30pm PDT

The City has received a bunch of complaints from the various tournaments at Townsend this month and wanted to pass on some information for our tournament this weekend…

  1. No smoking on City property
  2. No alcohol outside of the beer gardens
  3. No food preparation devices (ie. BBQ’s, propane corn roasters, propane fire pits, etc.)
  4. No overnight camping in parking lot

I am guessing that most of these complaints were from the Provincials as there were a lot of people from out of town that brought bbq’s and campers.  The folks that run the concession have the contract with the City for sole rights of food preparation at Townsend.

Regarding outside alcohol…

We had reports of a few teams consuming alcohol outside of the beer garden at our Mid-Season Tournament.  The beer gardens are our means of legally consuming alcohol at the park and the team that runs the beer gardens use it as a fundraiser to attend Provincial tournaments.  Outside alcohol jeopardizes the beer garden liquor license and the league’s good standing with the City.  We are a league run by volunteers and if we have to take time out of running the tournament to deal with teams drinking at the field, those teams will simply not be invited back for future seasons.

All that downer info aside, it’s looking like lovely weather this weekend, so play safe and have fun.  And remember, we are only playing for t-shirts and trophies ;)

2023 WSPL - Year-End Tournament

By smoore 07/24/2023, 12:00pm PDT

With the conclusion of our Divisional Playoffs, here are the winners of each Division:

  • A Division - Beavers
  • B Division - Ball Haulers
  • C Division - No Glove, No Love
  • D Division - Hog Fuel

The Year-End Schedule has now been posted to our tournament information page:

For those of you not playing in the Ladies or Men's Leagues, enjoy the week off and we will see you all this Saturday!