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Are you looking to find a team to play on?  Are you a coach looking for players?  Join our forum and post your information.


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If you would like to enter a team into any of our leagues, please send us an EMAIL and let us know which league wait-list you would like to be added to.

want to be an umpire?

If you are interested in becoming an umpire for the Jolly Miller League, Men's League or Ladies League, please check out SPN's Umpire Page for more info or contact the Chilliwack Umpire-In-Chief, Ron Knapp for more info.

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All that is required is a SportsEngine account and a one-time registration for Chilliwack Slo-Pitch.  Click the link above to begin the process.

The multiple registration feature is for parents who register more than one child in other leagues on the SportsEngine platform.
If you previously registered as a player on a team but now play for a different team this year, please email us to let us know and we will move you to the proper team.

2 Pitch League News

2022 League Meeting

By Solon 02/04/2022, 6:30pm PST

The 2022 season is almost upon us!

The first league meeting will be Mon Feb 21st 7:00pm @ Major League 2 Pub. 

There are changes this year to discuss and limited space so MAKE SURE you have a representative present or you may possibly lose your spot. NO I AM NOT KIDDING... fields are limited this year. 

If you have your deposit for the upcoming season, that will hold your spot.  Any questions please contact me directly at 604-997-9847


By Solon Jagers 02/27/2020, 10:45pm PST

Spread the word

Friday Night Lights League

This will be a league for all 2 pitch players that will happen every other Friday under the lights at Tzeachten. We will be going old school by having four captains pick teams and those will be your teams on Friday night until end of season. This is solely for fun and is meant to give the chance to play with/or against other players that you normally wouldn't have the chance to. This gives you the opportunity to potentially play against your spouse or partner, against your family members, or your best friends. It will only cost $10 and will be available on a first-come first-serve basis. Any players that would be interested in playing for fun on Friday nights at 8 p.m. under the lights please contact me. You can text me your NAME, PHONE #, and let me know if you're male or female (some names are unisex) at 604-997-9847 and let me know you wanna play. The first week we will meet at 7pm so the captains can pick teams.

Once again... $10.... every OTHER Friday... 8pm games... only 4 teams... first come first serve spots... mix-n-mash of players... FOR FUN AND LOVE OF THE GAME.

2020 Season

By Solon Jagers 02/10/2020, 11:15pm PST


All team reps, we have our first league meeting Monday Feb 24th, 6:30pm @ Major Leagues Pub. 

We have a couple topics to discuss, a few possible decisions we want your votes on, and some SUPER exciting news happening this year. I need confirmation of returning teams as the waitlist to join the 2Pitch league is now almost at double digits, so if you are not able to field a team please don't occupy a spot. You can msg me at 604-997-9847 and verify your attendance/participation this year. I will be sending out text reminders and using WhatsApp again so keep a lookout. 

Thank You and see you soon