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Team reps,

A few things …

  1. We seem to be having an issue with teams not submitting their scores and sportsmanship ratings this year.  Our stats keeper is volunteering their time to tabulate these results for us so please remember to submit your scores & s/r immediately after your game so we don’t waste their time.  If you want to designate someone on your team to submit the scores, we have an email link on the Wildlife home page to make the process easy for them.
  2. Lights were left on and the bathrooms were left unlocked at Leary on Wednesday night.  Reminder that Home Team at L1 is to lock the bathrooms at the end of the night.  Last team to put the bases away at Leary is to also turn off the lights and lock the storage building.
  3. The storage shed at Townsend 2 has been fixed so we won’t have to truck the bases to & from the storage building between T3/T4.  Home team to make sure the shed is locked and the key returned to the lock box.
  4. We are switching the Home & Away dugouts to match the Jolly Miller League.  Home team will occupy the 3rd base dugout and will ump 2nd and 3rd.  Away team will occupy 1st base dugout and ump 1st and home.
  5. A player may only appear on one roster and may only play on one team.  For some reason this rule has been missing from the rules for the last few years and was brought to our attention last week.  It has been added to the rules on the Wildlife League drop down menu.
  6.  And lastly, our Mid-Season Tournament is coming up in approximately a month (June 10-11). 
    • We realize that not all teams can make the Mid-Season tournament due to schedule conflicts so please let me know ASAP if your team won’t be participating so we can arrange the schedule accordingly. 
    • We are also requesting donations from teams for Mid-Season prizing (think of something that can be put into a gift basket for the best dressed team(s) and winners of each division). 
    • I am looking for a few people that could help assemble the prizes into gift baskets and then choose the best dressed teams on the weekend of the tournament.  Let me know if you would be able to help out in that regard or if you know someone on your team that would .


Sean Moore – League President

Chilliwack Wildlife Slo-Pitch League


Schedule Glitch Corrected

By chilliwackslopitch 04/18/2023, 1:30pm PDT

The schedule glitch has been corrected and the games from April 12 on should now show up on your team pages.  Unfortunately, if you have team members that use the SportsEngine app, they will need to RSVP again to check into upcoming games.

Thanks for your patience while we worked to resolve this issue.


SportsEngine Site Issues

By smoore 04/17/2023, 1:45pm PDT

It appears that the SportsEngine site is running into some glitches resulting in the Wildlife and 2-Pitch Leagues schedules missing games from April 12th on.  The Jolly Miller schedule seems to be unaffected.  We have submitted a Support request to SportsEngine but haven’t heard anything back from them yet.

Hopefully it will be corrected shortly but in the meantime, please let your team mates know of the issue.


If you are not sure where you are playing tonight, please check with your team manager.