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Divisional Winners & Year-End Tournament Schedule

By smoore, 07/19/22, 9:45PM PDT


Monday's games conclude our season and here are the winners of each division:

  • A Division - Beavers
  • B Division - Slackers
  • C Division - Quit Yer Pitchin'
  • D Division - Sons of Pitches

The Year-End Tournament Schedule has been posted to our Tournament Info page.  The Executive has discussed the Regular Season & Divisional standings and here are the division/team swaps we have made for the tourney:

  • Slackers to A Division
  • Brew Jays to B Division
  • The Backdoor Sliders to C Division (they can’t make the tourney so they will be a BYE for whichever team is slated to play them)
  • Quit Yer Pitchin’ to B Division
  • Young Guns to D Division
  • Sons of Pitches to C Division

Also, with 23 teams in the tourney, we need to play on the open fields T1 & T2 but we have arranged it so each team will only play on these fields once.

I have triple-checked the schedule but please let me know asap if you find any errors.