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2022 WSPL - Mid-Season Tournament Info

By smoore, 06/03/22, 11:45AM PDT


Just a few house-keeping items for our Mid-Season Tournament this weekend…


Beer Gardens

There will be a beer gardens on Saturday and Sunday which means there are no team coolers allowed.  There will be security personnel at the park all weekend and City staff will be visiting periodically.  If any players are caught drinking outside of the designated beer gardens area, they will be removed from the tournament.



The poor weather is continuing to haunt us this year.  Saturday is looking okay so far but Sunday’s forecast is calling for ~20mm of rain.  We will leave it to the team reps to determine if a game needs to be delayed.  If it turns out that it is raining too hard and not safe to play, we will meet with the team reps to determine the best course of action.  Minimum of 5 innings need to be played to constitute a game.



Our Mid-Season Tournament is just a fun break in the season and doesn’t count towards league standings.  There are no trophies or NSA swag being handed out but we have collected donations from a bunch of teams and are putting 4 small prize packages together for the winners of each division.  We also have individual prizes that we will be handed out to the “best dressed” teams and the “best dressed” players. 



First teams to play in the morning are to setup the fields for their games.  Bases and home plate mats for T3-T6 are located in the equipment building between T3 & T4.  Bases and home plate mat for T1 are located in the equipment shed behind the first base dugout.  Last teams to play at the end of the day are to put the bases away and lock up the buildings.


The league will not be supplying softballs for this tournament so please bring your team's.



  • Standard League rules apply which include the Townsend Park Home Run rules (see Section 10 of our rules online).
  • Use a coin toss to decide home and away; winner of the toss has the choice of home or away.
  • Team at first base dugout will ump 1st and home.  Team at third base dugout will ump 2nd and 3rd.
  • No inning to start after 1 hour 20 minutes from the scheduled time.
  • A maximum of six runs per inning will be permitted except the last inning, which is open.
  • If a game is tied during the Sunday Single Elimination portion of the tournament the game will continue using the "International Tie-Breaker Rule". Under this rule, each team starts the inning with the player who completed the last official at bat, as a base runner on second base. Each subsequent inning will start the same until a winner has been determined.
  • Please post scores on the board immediately after your game.
  • To determine the standings and divisions after the round robin portion of the tournament, the same criteria as the regular season will be used;
    •   Points
      • 2 points for win
      • 1 point for a tie
      • 0 points for a loss
    • Head-to-Head wins
    • Runs Against


No Smoking

A reminder that City of Chilliwack bylaws prohibited smoking at Townsend Park


Stay safe & have fun this weekend!