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Adult Slo-Pitch Facility

By smoore, 11/22/19, 11:00AM PST


Just a quick note to all our members...

We still have 4 months to go until ball season starts up again but that doesn't mean that things haven't been happening behind the scenes. 

We met with City of Chilliwack Parks and Recreation staff a while back to bring to their attention the lack of suitable Slo-Pitch facilities in Chilliwack.  This lack of facilities has resulted in longer waiting lists for teams to join the various leagues as well as games being played on sub-par fields.  We were asked by City staff to present them with a formal proposal outlining the current/future Slo-Pitch needs as well as to provide them with our recommendations. 

Well, it took us a while but with a bunch of back-and-forth input and edits from our league reps, we have completed our proposal and submitted it to the City this week. 

The PDF version is available for viewing here ->

PS - We do recognize that other sports organizations also encounter some of the same issues and are also in need of upgraded or new facilities.  We feel that the creation of additional adult facilities doesn't have to come at the neglect of other sports organization's needs.

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