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    Check out our Tournaments Page to view upcoming local tournaments or to find out how to post your tournament info.



    If you are a player looking to join a team, or a team that is looking for players, join our forum and post your info.



    Click here for a history of Slo-Pitch in Chilliwack.


    2017 Spring/Summer Co-ed Leagues

    Our spring/summer leagues are full for the 2017 season but if you would like to enter a team for the 2018 season, please send us an email and let us know which league you would like to enter a team into.

    If you are an individual player looking for a team, please join our forum and post your information.



    04/24/2017, 10:30am PDT
    By dougt

    Townsend 5&6 remain closed again tonight and ongoing. I have moved tonight's games around based on that, so please check the schedule!!!

    Day by day I will make adjustments as required until the fields are back up and running; I HOPE to have these adjustments taken care of an posted by 1:00pm daily as required.


    Thank you for your patience.

    Tournament Dates for 2017

    03/28/2017, 9:00am PDT
    By dougt

    Tournament dates for the 2017 Season

    MID-SEASON = May 26, 27, 28


    YEAR END = July 14, 15, 16

    Warm-Up Tournament Schedule

    03/22/2017, 1:00pm PDT
    By smoore

    Let the games begin!

    The Warm-Up Tournament Schedule has been posted!

    Games are 1hr long and can be played however the two teams want.  If you prefer to get batting practice in, feel free to have all players bat in an inning.  If you prefer to play an actual game, please note that the time frame will most likely not allow for a full 7 innings.  There are 3 games for each team scheduled so talk it over with the other team as to what format you will play.  Teams starting the day are asked to setup the field and likewise, teams that finish the day are asked to put away bases.  Also, please bring your orange mat and used softballs as the league will not be supplying them for teams.

    We are not keeping track of winners and there are no prizes being offered but we do have some Fireball swag to give away which has been graciously donated by Scott Anderson of Investor's Group -

    Good Luck

    03/16/2017, 1:30am PDT
    By Solon

    On behalf of myself and Donna, I would like to thank all the teams for making the start of this season the easiest yet. Everyone has been on their game so far and the new teams jumped in glitch free. I really wish everyone the best of luck this year and hope that none of you win a single game at the cost of having fun. I know the more experienced teams will help develop some of our newer/younger players, and I know you young bucks will go a little easy on us veterans. Again thank you for getting off on a good note to start the 2017 season. 

    Have fun out there! 

    Solon Jagers

    SPN Registry

    03/07/2017, 1:00pm PST
    By Solon Jagers

    ** IMPORTANT **

    The SPN site is now available to register your team/players for the league this year. Any team who does not have their roster submitted by season begin will not be allowed to play until it's complete. I am not willing to risk losing our league insurance and ultimately shutting down 2 pitch because of people not filling out these forms. The city will NOT rent us fields if our insurance is void, so I will be posting a couple of rule amendments in the next few days.




    ** COACHES ** If you have any issues logging onto the SPN site or did not receive an email from me to register your team PLEASE let me know immediately.

    Member Leagues

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    Jolly Miller League

    The Jolly Miller Slo-Pitch League is a competitive, adult co-ed, Spring & Summer league with 40+ teams playing in multiple divisions.  Games are officiated by paid umpires. Regular season games run from from April to July.

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    Wildlife League

    The Chilliwack Wildlife Slo-Pitch League is a semi-competitive, adult co-ed, Spring & Summer league with an emphasis on sportsmanship and fun. Games are self-officiated (no umpires).  Regular season games runs from April to July.

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    2 Pitch League

    The Chilliwack 2 Pitch League is a co-ed, adult, Spring & Summer league that runs from April to July. Games are for fun and self-officiated.

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    Ladies League

    The Chilliwack Ladies Slo-Pitch League is a Summer/Fall league with approx. 16 teams.  Games are officiated by paid umpires and run from August to October.

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    Men's League

    The Chilliwack Men's Slo-Pitch League is a Fall league with approx. 30 teams in four divisions.  Games are officiated by paid umpires and run from August to October.

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    Senior's League

    Chilliwack Senior's Slo-Pitch League plays on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (9:30am-11:30am) from April to September. Minimum ages for players are 60+ for men and 55+ for ladies.